Kirby Animal Care Services

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Who we are and what we do...

Kirby Animal Care Services is a full-service animal control facility that serves the City of Kirby, TX.  We are one of the first animal control facilities in our area to take on a major no-kill initiative.  Our goal is to end the pet overpopulation crisis in our area and to create a community where all life is valued.  As an open-intake facility, which means that no animal from our community in need is turned away, we struggle to keep space open for animals.  We are always seeking new and innovative ways to help the animals that we take in.  Because we are an open-admissions animal control shelter, we can never guarantee that we will not have to euthanize animals for space.  We only have 3 employees working in the shelter and 38 cages / kennels, yet we take in hundreds of animals each month. We have not euthanized a single animal to make space for another since June 2011, so we have effectively achieved no-kill status, but we are not a limited admissions shelter that can shut our doors when we are full, so therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will never have to euthanize for space.  Our current no-kill status is the result of our staff and volunteers' hard, round-the-clock work to save as many animals as we can.


We provide the following programs and services:

Pet Adoption                             Stray Animal Pick-up                     Low-Cost Dog Training

Foster Care Program                 Animal Cruelty Investigations          Humane Education Programs

Volunteer Program                    Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations             SNAP Mobile Spay / Neuter

Animal Control is NOT an animal problem...its a PEOPLE problem

Our goal is simple...

Lead by example and create a community where all life has value.  Education on responsible pet ownership is a key part of our mission, and we can't do it without our citizens' participation and an understanding of THEIR role in solving the problems that face the animals and our community.  We call on all of our citizens to step up and take responsibility for their own pets, educate their neighbors, report violations or animal cruelty, and help us so that we can work together to see an end to pet over-population and abuse.  Animal Shelters can't do it alone!  We are facing a crisis in the U.S., and particularly in Bexar County, TX (where we have the highest number of stray pets in the United States).  The problem that we face in Bexar County is an embarrasment to our community and we need step up and be a voice for animals.  The traditional role of animal shelters was to pick up stray animals and impound them, providing public safety.  For years, the practice of "catch and kill" style shelters was standard for most cities and counties.  We have learned that this just doesn't work, because the pet population is still booming!  Through creative and compassionate techniques, programs and networking, shelters have been able to reduce the number of pets euthanized in the country drastically over the past few years, and those numbers are steadily declining.  However, we are not out of the woods yet by any stretch of the imagination.  It is estimated that 4-5 MILLION animals are still euthanized in our Nation's shelters each year.  Each day, 10,000 humans are born in the U.S., so are 45 cats and 15 dogs.  The numbers are truly staggering and we have an uphill battle ahead of us, but YOU can make a difference where overburdened and often-times understaffed shelters cannot, by being a VOICE for change and for animals.  

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

-Mohandas Gandhi-


A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE PETCO FOUNDATION for their support.  They have graciously awarded our shelter with a Grant in the amount of $4,000 to replace our kennel gates and improve our shelter for the animals.  Petco Foundation has been a big supporter of what we do here since Day 1 and we can't thank them enough for helping our animals!
Another HUGE Thank You to PetSmart Charities for their support of our Sterile Ferals TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) Program.  With a generous $46,130 grant from PetSmart Charities, we will be able to spay/neuter 1,200 cats in 2013-2014 and reduce the number of homeless cats on our streets.  For information on our Sterile Ferals Program, click HERE.

A Huge Thank You to Our Corporate Supporters!

All of these companies have helped our animals by providing free or discounted services or by sponsoring fundraisers and making donations of supplies to help us care for the countless homeless pets we take in.

HEB        Snyders-Lance, Inc.      PetsBarn

Petco Foundation      Union Pacific Railroad        Bluebonnet Pet Crematory

Ken Batchelor Cadillac          Southern Star Electric        Culligan

Prevention First Mobile Veterinary Services

All Species Mobile Veterinary Services      Primetime Newspapers (N.E. Herald)

     PetSmart Charities            Becker Properties          Independence Title Company

Universal City Animal Hospital          Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital

Scott J. Realtor Group        L&S Printing

1-800-Petmeds      Grande Communications      AirKon Service    ATT Center

San Antonio SPURS      Bloomshop Flowers   


Our mission is to provide excellence in animal control to our community and to create programs within our community that promote responsibility, compassion and foster the human-animal bond.



The San Antonio area has the highest documented stray animal over-population crisis in the United States.  Our goal is to create programs within our community that help keep pets in their homes.

Our Team
Animal Services Manager /
Animal Care Officer
Christie has worked in the Animal Welfare Industry for 13 years now, with experience as a Veterinary Techncian, Field Investigator and Animal Cruelty Specialist.  She took over as the Animal Services Manager for the City of Kirby in June 2011, and has taken Kirby ACS to no-kill status.
[email protected]

Animal Care Officer/
Animal Care Technician

Estephen has always had a passion for working with animals.  He joined the Kirby ACS team in October 2012 as an Animal Care Technician and is also our senior Animal Care Officer.