Kirby Animal Care Services

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Click HERE to view the Kirby City Ordinance Chapter 91, Animal Control

Animal laws are created to protect you and your pets.  Each of us who owns pets has a responsibility not only to our pets, but to our communities as well.  These laws are there to ensure that animals are kept humanely, safely and in a condition that does not affect public health, as well as to ensure that all of our citizens have the right to own pets, or NOT own pets if they choose.  Each of us has the right to own a pet (responsibly), but our neighbors also have the right to not have our pets roaming loose in their yards, causing property damage, spreading illness or harming others.  Likewise, each of us have a responsibility to create safe neighborhoods by keeping our pets confined, vaccinating our pets and taking proper care of our pets.  The way that you care for your pets can directly affect your community and the goal of animal control is to enforce these laws and help create a better society for our animals and citizens.

Animal Control is often viewed as the "bad dog catcher".  Here at Kirby Animal Care Services, we believe that our place in our community is to make it better, for our citizens AND our furry residents as well.  By enacting ordinances that ensure proper care of our resident animals and creating programs that help our citizens achieve the goals of responsible pet ownership, we hope to make a lasting impact in the community and see the day where animal control is no longer needed in our society.

Please contact us with ANY questions that you may have about our City Ordinances, State Laws, or other animal-related concerns so that we can assist you. 
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